Hardwood, laminate, tile, or some combination of materials are all excellent choices under different conditions.

A Flooring Installer in Kernersville & Winston Salem, NC can help you choose

Hardwood floors look great and can last a very long time with proper maintenance under the right conditions. Hardwood is natural and comfortable and holds warmth during cold weather. Hardwood does not handle water well though, and in some areas, tile is a preferred surface.

Tile resists scratching and is virtually waterproof. Tile does not stay as warm and is generally not as comfortable as hardwood, so considering these competing factors is essential to your flooring design.

There are many reasons to choose a reputable and experienced flooring contractor to design and install your new flooring. Proper flooring installation requires expertise and skill to get the flooring installed correctly so that it will look perfect and last as long as it should. Professional installation is cost-effective, considering the significant expense do-it-yourselfers experience when the work takes multiple attempts to get the job done (often while having to call in a professional anyway). Flooring installation requires significant design, planning, and site preparation as well.

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